“In this era of fake news,” photographer Harry Borden says his images “are a strong rebuttal to Holocaust Deniers.”

In an effort to allude to what’s impossible to fully communicate, Holocaust survivor Lydia Vagos wrote the following poem to accompany a portrait of herself, taken by photographer Harry Borden:

In Limbo
In the black hole of our
Planet Earth
They drove me out when it ceased to be;
Yet who will drive it out of me?
It still exists.
Only death will be my exorcist.

Vagos is one of almost 200 people Borden featured in his series “Survivor,” a haunting compendium of portraits that hint at an unimaginably painful past. Borden had worked as a celebrity photographer for around 25 years until, in 2008, he decided to, in his words, “use [his] skills to an intelligent end.”

As he explained in an email to The Huffington Post, Borden “hoped to make a small contribution to the documentation of a uniquely horrific event in modern history. In this era of fake news, the images are a strong rebuttal to Holocaust Deniers.”

Read the full article by Priscilla Frank at The Huffington Post.

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