WAVERLEY Mayor Sally Betts will meet with Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe today after their bid to build a new synagogue at Bondi was refused in a court decision they slammed as “rewarding terrorism”.

Cr Betts said they would discuss the group’s development application to demolish tennis courts to build a new place of worship on Wellington St after the Land and Environment Court ruled against the plans last week.

“I thought that this was all incredibly silly and that we need to just sit down and talk through the process that they need to follow to bring it back to council,” she said.

“Basically they have to start again but I just want them to understand what they need to do.”

In refusing to allow a new synagogue, Land and Environment commissioner Graham Brown cited “potential risk” to the public, as well as explaining that the proposal clashed with the character of the street.


Read the full article by Shaya Laughlin at the Wentworth Courier.

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