THE South Australian Legislative Council passed a motion calling for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be achieved at the negotiating table, reversing an earlier House of Assembly position which had suggested unilateral recognition of Palestine.

This new motion was a positive step — good for peace, good for the Palestinians (even if some of their fanatical supporters think they are doing them a favour by pushing for a non-negotiated outcome) and good for South Australia in particular and for the country at large.

Good for peace, because the extremely complex issues at stake can only be settled at the negotiating table.

The sheer scope of what is to be decided in any peace deal is staggering: security measures, borders, Jerusalem, responding to the needs of people from both sides — Arabs and Jews — who became refugees due to the conflict, economic co-operation, water, and much more.


Read the full article by Eran Lerman at The Advertiser.

[Eran Lerman will be speaking in Melbourne Sunday August 13th 7:30 pm at Beth Weizmann.]

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