Anti-Semitism in Bondi is bad. But neo-Nazis protesting is, well, not worthy of comment. Michael Brull reports on one of the more bizarre chapters of Jewish community life in Sydney.

Here’s a weird thing. The mainstream Jewish leadership recently condemned Waverley Council for anti-Semitism, which basically wasn’t there. They made sure their voice was heard, and stood up for Jews in the Eastern Suburbs, who were allegedly discriminated against.

Then an assortment of Islamophobes proposed to hold a rally in Bondi. The supporters of the rally ranged from the far-right in the community, to neo-Nazi activists. The Jewish establishment mostly refused to say a word. Only a handful of leftist Jewish radicals expressed their fierce opposition to Nazis coming to Bondi. The leadership refused to say a single word about a convicted anti-Semite coming to protest in Bondi.

Read the full article by Michael Brull at New Matilda.

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