A HATE group with the slogan “We’re the Hitlers you’ve been waiting for” has begun a recruitment drive in Toowoomba.

The group, Antipodean Resistance, is styled in the manner of Hitler Youth and members put up posters promoting it around the city including St Mary’s College, Queens Park and the Tafe Southwest Queensland campus on Bridge St.

The posters are emblazoned with the Nazi swastika and state “Nazi youth organising in your area”, along with the group’s web page address.

Other posters feature an image of Hitler with the message, “national socialism or nothing”.

The group appears to be organising nationwide after similar campaigns were carried out in Melbourne and at university campuses in Hobart and Sydney.

The group was also behind a poster campaign in the Melbourne CBD area speaking out against same-sex marriage, stating that same-sex marriage enabled pedophilia.


Read the full article by Megan Masters at The Chronicle.

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