A SWASTIKA painted on a tree has angered Mt Eliza residents.

The anti-Semitic symbol was included in a spate of graffiti sprayed along a fence bordering a fire track behind Wimborne Ave.

The vile vandalism also contained swear words and an anti-Uber tag.

Lara Blamey reported the vandalism to police on Sunday, October 8.

“There’s a swastika on a tree. That’s not an eyesore — it’s highly offensive to many people, a symbol of white supremacy that’s clearly alive and well in our backyards,” Ms Blamey said.

Ms Blamey also posted about the graffiti on Facebook, and called for other residents to phone police if they recognised any of the tags.


Read the full article by Lucy Callander in the Mornington Peninsula Leader at the Herald Sun.

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