WHENEVER she quizzed her father about his family, Su Goldfish found that the subject was totally off limits.

Her father Manfred, a German Jew who had fled the Nazis and settled in Trinidad before migrating to Australia, would not look back at his life as it was before Su was born in the early 1960s. There was too much pain.

Now, years after Manfred’s death, Goldfish has made a documentary film in which she overcomes her father’s silence and obfuscation to reveal a remarkable personal story.

Su Goldfish, whose documentary film The Last Goldfish will screen at the Jewish International Film Festival. [Picture: John Appleyard]


The Last Goldfish, screening during the Jewish International Film Festival, reveals how a prosperous Jewish family was broken by Hitler. But it also tells how Goldfish discovered she had two half-siblings. Her father had married twice.

Read the article by Elizabeth Fortescue, Arts Editor in The Daily Telegraph.

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