It isn’t the first thing most people would think of, but the final outcome of the New Zealand elections reverberated more than 16,000 kilometres away.  Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern appears to be far too busy to travel to Beersheba in Israel.

Her predecessor, Bill English, was meant to join Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu there to commemorate the capture of the town by the Anzacs 100 years ago. In the interim it was decided that New Zealand Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy would go.


Read the full article by Sol Salbe at the Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times.

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  1. Jmedia Manager

    Salbe has cynically exploited the Beersheba commemoration events to bash Israel over its supposed mistreatment of its Bedouin minority and by innuendo has suggested that the newly elected NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Allen has the perspicacity to not be travelling to Beersheba for the occasion.

    Salbe’s remarks about the Nippers program are especially disingenuous. Even the ABC ran a story a couple of years ago that extolled the great virtues of this program. “We can bring Jews, we can bring Arabs, we can bring Christians together,” said Steve Rubner, who brought the program from Australia to the Middle East. Furthermore kids growing up in Israel of all ethnic backgrounds need to know Hebrew to be able to make it in Israeli society. His suggestion that somehow Arabs are excluded is completely wrong.


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