Bishop warned that a mooted US withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal would undermine efforts toward a denouement with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Her point, as made originally in this column a fortnight before, was that if Donald Trump pulls out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed up to in good faith by Tehran and the permanent five UN Security Council members (US, Britain, France, China, and Russia), the take-out for Pyongyang will be obvious: don’t deal with the West, and don’t whatever you do, suspend your nuclear weapons program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

Turnbull, to his credit, restated Bishop’s message in the Holy Citydespite being flanked by the Israeli PM – essentially saying to the US, don’t be swayed by Israel when it comes to Iran. Remember the bigger picture.

“We do have a different perspective on the agreement. We believe that, as do the other signatories to the agreement … there is a commitment to stick with it,” Turnbull told reporters.

Read the article by Mark Kenny in The Age.

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