I hope many Australians, particularly the young and the new, watched the Beersheba commemoration. It would seem we are not that aware of the significance of this action and the courage of our Light Horsemen in the last great cavalry action.

This should feature in history lessons in our schools. It has relevance to biblical times, the formation of the Israel, a pivotal action in the end of the Ottoman Empire and the formation of modern Australia, not forgetting the Anzac spirit. The younger generation would be better served by knowledge of this history of our nation rather than the nonsense of the Safe Schools program. This is about nation building, leadership and courage, not that common in today’s society.

Peter Tulloch, Potts Point, NSW

On the centenary of the famous cavalry charge by the Australian Light Horse that led to the freeing of the Holy Land from Turkish rule, this would be a good moment to enshrine this feat of courage and determination as the defining moment of the Anzac contribution to victory, rather than the defeat at Gallipoli.

The latter was an ill-fated and badly planned attempt to defeat the Turks which backfired. No matter how many brave feats of arms were performed, it was a defeat.

The charge of the Light Horse signified the first of the victories that led to the freeing of the Holy Land and it is fitting that Benjamin Netanyahu should express the gratitude of Israel for the campaign.

Noreen J. Pryor, Yandina, Qld

[Two letters published in The Australian, Nov 2nd]

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