Government ministers who support Palestine have been accused of pushing damaging stories about Priti Patel, which forced her to resign from the Conservative cabinet. The International Development secretary stood down after it emerged she held 12 secret meetings with Israeli politicians during a family summer holiday.

It later became apparent she had held yet more meetings in London and the US which were not declared through official Foreign Office channels.

Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan has now been accused of having the “means and the motivation” to ensure details came to light.

Duncan’s criticism of Israeli policy in the occupied territories has put him in the firing line – after it became apparent Patel had ordered research on whether aid could be given to refugees in Golan Heights, Syria, through the Israeli Army.

Unnamed ministers spoke with the BBC about the scandal involving Patel, claiming: “She just cannot do this. This is about donors and influence.”

Read the article at Mirage News (RT).

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