You could hardly find a non-indigenous Australian whose roots are more deeply planted in Australia than Malcolm Turnbull. After all, he proudly descends from a staunch supporter of Captain William Bligh, an early governor.

Yet, in Israel last week, I was shown an article that raises questions about whether the Prime Minister would be considered beholden to a foreign power under Australian law.

The article, shown to me by a friend, is an old Times of Israel piece speculating about whether the Australian PM is a Jew.

“My mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish,” it quotes Mr Turnbull as saying.

The Prime Minister goes on to say he has “never really looked into it” – just like John Alexander, now resigned from Parliament, had not looked into his father’s situation.

My Israeli friend would be proud if Mr Turnbull shared his religion.

“Your Prime Minister could even come here and live,” he said. This is what set off my alarm bells.


Read the full article by Andrew MacLeod at The New Daily.

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