In the 24 hours since Australia returned a resounding yes vote, the bestiality and polygamy lobbies have certainly been keeping mum on their desire to exploit this moment.

But if there’s one victimised group that has been revelling in it, a group that have found conservative politicians clamouring over one another to come to their aid, it’s the hypothetical cake bakers of faith — specifically those who don’t like gays and people of other faiths.

Conservative Liberal backbencher Kevin Andrews told Sky News yesterday, extending on the right of a Christian baker to refuse service to a gay couple, that he saw no problem if an Islamic baker wanted to refuse making a wedding cake for a Jewish couple and vice-versa.

It’s a stupid proposition because no Muslim or Jew holds a “conscientious, religious belief” against the other getting married. Despite the deep conservatism and fundamentalist belief of both religions, neither believe in denying the other the right to get married and procreate.

If either were to deny the other a wedding cake, it would not be on a religious belief, but pure bigotry and hate — amazingly not only something Andrews doesn’t understand, but feels should be extended to gay people if “that’s what that individual wants to do”.

Read the article by Mo Elleissy in the Herald Sun.

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