When Olga Horak was liberated from the Holocaust camp Bergen-Belsen in 1945 she had lost her whole family. She was 16 years old, had typhus, weighed 29kg and was carrying a blanket.

The blanket was made by her fellow death camp prisoners, who had been forced to weave their own hair with wool to make a warm covering for their Nazi wardens.

When the camp was liberated by British and Canadian forces, the Nazis fled, leaving behind a decimated population of Jews from all over Europe and importantly for Horak, the blanket.

After emigrating to Australia, Mrs Horak, now 91, donated the blanket to the Sydney Jewish Museum, where she has volunteered since it opened in 1972.

Together with almost 9000 items on display at the museum, which celebrates its 25th anniversary on Sunday, it helps tell the story of the Holocaust.

Read the article by Heather McNab in the Daily Telegraph.

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