Israeli tech outfit Bright Innovations is tapping Australian investors to back its open platform for smart city applications, which CEO and founder Rami Mirsky says could become the foundation of making cities more responsive to residents’ needs.

Bright, which is aiming for a pre-IPO capital raising of about $1.5 million ahead of landing on the ASX early next year, started life as a street light manufacturer.

However, it’s now looking beyond rolling out LED lights to turn the street pole infrastructure into a network through which smart city applications can be run.

“People don’t fully grasp where we are going with smart cities. It’s really about bringing lots of applications and services to people at a street level,” he said.

“While rolling out smart street lighting projects in Israel, we realised that existing street pole ­infrastructure was an ideal backbone for applications.”

The street light infrastructure is the key real estate over which Bright is pushing out its Coral Reef platform. Terminals, fitted to the lights, become the connective tissue that is extended across a city to deliver Internet of Things ­applications.

“The terminals are the brains of the system. They are connected together and interact with the Coral Reef platform that sits on the cloud. Then there’s the gateway that lets app developers add applications to the system and manage them,” Mr Mirsky said.


Read the full article by Supratim Adhikari at The Australian (subscription only).

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