It’s worth remembering how Israel came into possession of the western half of Jerusalem in the first instance following the end of the 1948 War of Independence. The 1947 UN Partition Plan, which recommended dividing the land into Jewish and Arab states, called for Jerusalem to be a separate internationally administered city (corpus separatum).

While the Jews accepted the Partition Plan, the Arab states rejected it in its entirety and launched a war of extermination.

But not according to an analysis by ABC Australia’s Anne Barker:

Given the circumstances following the war, it would be a bit late for Ben Gurion to reject a resolution that had been rendered moot by the facts on the ground. Israel was in control of part of Jerusalem as a result of a war started and lost by the Arabs.

But since when was it a problem for the media to paint Israel as the rejectionists?

This story appeared at Honest Reporting DownUnder.

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