So there is going to be another mighty protest in Melbourne tonight. Lefties allying up with local followers of Islam to protest Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Unlike previous ‘Free Palestine’ events. This year spurned on by Trump’s election, and the strong showing at Milo’s event there is actually going to be a pro-Israel, pro-Trump counter-protest led by Avi Yemini a local Gym owner turned new Conservative politician who has has found a bit of a niche here making fun of lefty crazies.

Naturally on announcement of this counter-protest the leftist crazies (Carf/Antifa) have announced a counter-counter protest to fight the far right zionist Nazis. (…yep you read that right).

As it stands my knowledge of this conflict is incredibly poor and most of what I watch or read on the subject is normally pretty heavily biased so its very hard to get an accurate picture.

From what I can gather. Jewish people historically lived in Israel, at some point they were turfed out, at some other point it became an Islamist area, before they too were turfed out. Then Britain took control and encouraged Jewish immigration in the early 20th century right up until and after WW2 as anti-semitic sentiment took hold in Europe. In the 60’s all surrounding countries went to war against Israel and lost. Hamas who were an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood are in charge of the Palestinian movement and up until May this year had a charter which called for the elimination of Jews and Israel. This has now however been secularised and they have disbanded the Brotherhood I guess in order to make a peaceful solution possible. I also understand there have been numerous 2-state solutions offered to date however all have been refused by the Palestinian side (I’m guessing possibly linked to their previous no negotiation destroy Israel policy).

Anyone got another take on it? I think regardless of history using Trump’s decision to excuse violent protest is beyond stupid, more so considering Clinton, Bush and Obama also recognised Jerusalum as the capital..but unlike Trump were filled with empty promises.

This video from Paul Joseph Watson certainly sums up one point of view. I’d be keen to see the other.

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