Explanation of vote: General Assembly plenary resolution A/ES-10/L.22: Status of Jerusalem

Australia has a longstanding commitment to a two-state solution in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. This has been articulated at the highest levels of the Australian Government, and reconfirmed in recent weeks.

There is much in this resolution with which we agree. We agree that Jerusalem is a final status issue to be resolved through negotiations and Australia will maintain its diplomatic representation to Israel in Tel Aviv and its representation to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. We also agree with the call for an intensification of efforts aimed at achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace. Australia does not support unilateral action by either side of this conflict; we consider that such actions undermine the peace process.

We do not, however, consider that this further resolution—in addition to the many on the peace process issued by the General Assembly each year— helps bring the parties back to the negotiating table. We do not wish to see any party isolated from the process, and so we have abstained on this occasion. We also wish to see the United States of America continue to play a leadership role in seeking a resolution to the conflict.

Although we are under no illusions that finding a resolution to the conflict will be easy, our firm and sincere hope is that Israel and the Palestinians will return to the negotiating table as soon as possible, and we continue to encourage them to do so.

Statements issue by Australia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations can be found here.

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