Teaching children to be terrorists

ARAB KIDS ROLE PLAY KILLING JEWS!!Watch this shocking 1 min video.It shows a few children dressed up as religious orthodox Jews praying (hats, tallit/prayer shawls and prayer books). They are "attacked" by well organised kids dressed in military attire with weapons.How can peace arise when a generation is so poisoned by an ideology of hatred and violence? Is there any wonder we are seeing so many young Arab/Muslim children aspire to be terrorists?But for the UN, EU and even the US and Australia: Why on earth would you fund this as part of the education system of the Arab/Palestinian children? Imagine how the average taxpayer would react if they knew. AJA intends to make grants to this sort of education a political issue in 2018. Watch for the issue to be raised in our Federal Parliament in February.

Posted by Australian Jewish Association – AJA on Saturday, December 23, 2017

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