The speed with which Donald Trump has cut back significantly on Washington’s vital contribution to the UN’s budget should surprise no one, least of all the world body’s bloated and inefficient bureaucracy. Last week’s emergency session of the General Assembly, which voted 128-9 to condemn the US President for his recognition of the incontrovertible reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, was always going to be a watershed. Just as Mr Trump promised, he has sliced $370 million off the $1.5 billion Washington provides each year as the biggest contributor to the UN’s budget — 22 per cent of its total of $6.7bn. With many UN member states perpetually in arrears with their dues (but always present when there is an opportunity to vote against the US or Israel), the world body relies heavily on the US to remain afloat. Officials say the cut will “devastate” operations.

Read the editorial in The Australian.

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