IN these heady days when the Adelaide population is implacably divided over Violet Crumbles vs. Crunchies, it’s hard to see how we can unite.

At least we can stand together against neo-Nazis though, right?

Apart from the actual wannabe Hitlers, pretty much everyone thinks they’re scum.

You don’t hear people at parties saying “Geez, he might be a white supremacist, but he’s good to his old aunty and he always takes the bins out”.

A neo-Nazi group has descended on South Australia recently to… well, OK, stick up some stickers.

But the Antipodean Resistance is definitely absolutely going to do some more hardcore stuff. Interstate they’ve had radicalisation camps. The footage on YouTube looks like emos hiking through a rainforest to melancholy music. Until the point they pause on an outcrop to do “heil Hitlers” while holding swastika flags.


Read the full article by Tory Shepherd at The Advertiser. 

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