We write in response to the article “Palestine friends to target north coast MPs, ABC offices” that appeared in the Echonetdaily on January 19th.


The report begins with the following statement:

Byron shire’s supporters of Palestine are ramping up their protest against apartheid Israel with planned actions against federal MPs on the north coast in coming weeks.

Your reporter Luis Feliu should have known better than to repeat this offensive slur that  bears no resemblance to the realities of contemporary Israel.

This loaded and inflammatory term been continuously employed by Israel’s detractors to delegitimize and demonise the Jewish state by arguing that it promotes the vile racial policies similar to those promulgated by the former apartheid government in South Africa.

Freedom of the press  is an important and universal value. However, to allow your platform to function as a vehicle for anti-Israel messages is irresponsible and undermines the reputation of the Echonetdaily as a welcoming space for all groups and individuals.

It is indeed a shame when any publication appears to abandon its objectivity in order to become an unabashed spokesperson for one side. By peddling and recycling this myth, your publication is not contributing in any meaningful way to the prospect of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. In fact, it doe the opposite, empowering those wishing to fan the flames of division in our nation.


Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman, Anti-Defamation Commission  (Echo NetDaily.)

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