Jerusalem: Almost half of Israel’s electorate believe the country’s police, who say they have gathered evidence against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and called for him to be charged with bribery, a poll showed on Wednesday.

A police statement on Tuesday said enough evidence had been found for the 68-year-old premier to be charged in two separate cases, one of the biggest challenges Netanyahu has faced during his long dominance of Israeli politics.

The poll, aired on the Israeli commercial television channel Reshet, said 49 per cent of respondents sided with the police’s version that Netanyahu had acted improperly. Twenty-five per cent said they believed Netanyahu, who denies wrongdoing. The remainder, 26 per cent, said they did not know whom to believe.

But the poll supported Netanyahu more when people were asked whether Netanyahu should remain in office or temporarily step aside. Forty-nine percent said he should stay put, 43 percent that he should suspend himself.

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