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J-AIR and 1535 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh

Due to circumstances beyond the control of J-AIR, the station has being asked to vacate its premises and purpose built studio space constructed only two years ago.

The landlord requires the office space for their expanding business and require the floor space that the radio station J-AIR was constructed into.

The eviction has disrupted the plans of J-AIR by bringing forward by about three years plans for a purpose-built and permanent home for the station and the station now faces the real threat of going off-air. 

J-AIR has established itself as a major community asset over the past few years. It has become the radio voice of the Jewish community and provides over 42 shows per week.

J-AIR is seeking from the community any opportunity to find new premises. A temporary facility will need to be created in the coming weeks to continue radio operations.  A new home will have to be found in the coming months and fund raising will be necessary to build a new and permanent station.

Sean Meltzer, J-AIR President – 0419 350 688


Podcasts available here for all the programs available on J-AIR community radio

For the last two years…

A small group of dedicated volunteers have been working quietly to bring to the airwaves the voice of Melbourne’s Jewish community – in all its diversity.

Finally – Jewish people of Melbourne will now have a voice on every radio around Caulfield as well as online around the world via the internet!

Jewish Melbourne is diverse and made up of many different ingredients, each adding to its unique flavor. J-AIR brings Jewish culture music, comedy, personalities and performers together with news and analysis. It will enable the people of Melbourne to hear the Jewish point of view across an array of different topics, thus giving the Jewish people of Melbourne a voice in the wider community. Come join us in building this valuable Jewish community asset!

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newsAbetz questions Mr Bean
Former leader of the government in the Senator Eric Abetz has described J-AIR as dynamic.

“As far community organisations go it’s pretty dynamic and yet  it has continually been frustrated in its request for licence,” Senator Abetz said this week.

Senator Abetz, who has appeared on J-AIR’s Nothing Left, was speaking at Teusday’s Senate estimates committee (environment & communications) hearing in Canberra, at which he put several questions to acting chairman of ACMA Richard Bean.

ACMA — the Australian Media and Communications Authority — has rejected three J-AIR applications in the past four years for a temporary community broadcast licence (TCBL).

“It has put in three applications over the past four years, they advise me, all in conformity with the act,” he said. “It has the potential of serving a community within Melbourne of at least 50,000 people and the general public at large.”

Senator Abetz said J-AIR  broadcast over the internet and “through another mechanism”. But its application to use the old Lion FM frequency of 96.1 had been rejected.

“I have been been advised Lion stopped using 96.1 for broadcasting four years ago and another community organisation applied to use it.  ACMA, in its wisdom has denied … J-AIR from using this on now three or four separate occasions.”

Senator Abetz urged Mr Bean to provide some answers for the next estimates committee hearing.

“If you could provide a good brief on all that we might revisit this topic then next estimates,” he said.

“Of course, you can you can avoid all that by simply allowing J-AIR to use 96.1.”

A hearing date is yet to be announced.


Senator Abetz’s questioning of Mr Bean got a run on the radioinfo.com.au website. Read
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