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  • AIJAC welcomes Trump Administration announcement on recognition of Jerusalem
    AIJAC welcomes the announcement by the US Trump Administration yesterday that it will correct a historic injustice by recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and begin the process of moving the US Embassy to the city. news_item/15970771.jpg... Read more »
  • Australia's 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper
    The 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper seeks to navigate Australia's great uncertainties and challenges in international relations - from China's rise to the perceived US retreat, regional interests, forces of protectionism and nationalism overseas, and the weakening of the international rules based order. Regarding areas of particular interest to AIJAC, the White Paper discusses issues including Australia's support for Israel and the two state outcome, multiculturalism, the Iran nuclear deal known as the JCPOA (Joint... Read more »
  • Stranger than Fiction - December 2017
    "Breaking the Silence" is an Israeli NGO that campaigns against Israeli military policies in the West Bank by circulating often damning testimonies from soldiers and former soldiers about alleged human rights abuses of Palestinians... news_item/78643481991799640360no.jpg... Read more »
  • Deconstruction Zone: Why Israel Saved A Syrian Village
    For the third time in the last two years, Israel threatened military action to stop an attack by extremist Syrian rebels on the Syrian Druze village of Khader. It did so despite the fact that Syrian Druze have sided with the Assad regime in that war, meaning they're aligned with Israel's arch-enemies, Iran and Hezbollah; despite the fact that Khader itself has been the source of several anti-Israel terror attacks; and despite the fact that... Read more »
  • Biblio File: Revisionism revisited
    Heller's book on Jabotinsky and the Eastern European roots of Revisionist Zionism is a vital contribution. The miracle is that he has given us a wonderfully well researched, finely nuanced and deeply informative history, rather than an ideological polemic. news_item/Jabotinsky1.jpg... Read more »
  • Essay: Coexistence Lost
    The leaders of the nascent pan-Arab movement were perfectly amenable to endorsing the Balfour Declaration so long as this seemed to be conducive to their ambitions. news_item/Faisal-and-the-first-Israeli-president-Chaim-Weizmann-3-Jan-1919.jpg... Read more »
  • Noted and Quoted - December 2017
    In the Hobart Mercury (Nov. 13), columnist Greg Barns penned an extraordinary apologia dismissing claims of alleged Russian and Chinese interference in politics here and elsewhere, saying the true threat comes from the US and Israel. news_item/hqdefault_.jpg... Read more »
  • Sadat's Visit - after 40 years
    Forty years ago this month, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat landed at Ben-Gurion Airport for a two-day visit in Jerusalem at the official invitation of Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The entire world held its breath. news_item/125674-004-1BFAB95B.jpg... Read more »