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  • “Moderate” Rouhani wins Iranian election – but this likely means little for either Iranian foreign policy or internal reform
    Iran held its presidential election on May 19, and President Hassan Rouhani defeated his main rival, conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi, receiving 57% of the 40 million votes cast. news_item/rouhani__.jpg... Read more »
  • Mr. Trump goes to the Middle East
    With US President Donald Trump leaving today for Saudi Arabia, the first stop on his Middle East trip before visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories on March 22 and 23, this Update is devoted to informed advice about how the US Administration can make the most out of the visit. news_item/27297180-527e-4101-9fcb-d318caeef982.jpeg... Read more »
  • Trump heads for the Middle East and Israelis are full of advice
    Whilst the White House has yet to publish the itinerary for US President Donald Trump's May 22-23 visit to Israel, activists, commentators, and politicians have been abuzz in their preparations for the visit. Many of them have specific advice for Trump to further his self-declared goal of reaching the "ultimate deal" between Israelis and Palestinians. news_item/trump_netanyahu.jpeg... Read more »
  • Hamas gets a new leader after releasing new political manifesto
    This Update concerns recent changes in Hamas, including the appointment of a new head of its politburo - who is basically head of the organisation overall - as well as the release of a new political "document of general principles and policies" which appears to soften some of Hamas' more extreme traditional stances. news_item/ThousandsMarkHamas21stAnniversaryGaza9KcDVIknfedl.jpg... Read more »
  • Noted and Quoted - May 2017
    An SBS TV "World News" (March 30) report from Greg Dyett was marked by its lack of context. Reporting on the March 29 Arab League summit in Jordan backing the 2002 Arab peace initiative, Dyett said it "calls for a complete Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian territories." Viewers weren't told the plan demands that Israel accept it without negotiations, including effectively recognising a Palestinian right of return.... Read more »
  • Biblio file: The US and Asia’s China Syndrome
    The United States has repeatedly been surprised by major developments in Asia, sometimes catastrophically so. Think Pearl Harbor... the victory of Mao Zedong's Communists in the Chinese civil war... the Korean War... Vietnam... or the rise of a Chinese superpower competitor from the depths of Maoist misery. Michael R. Auslin's The End of the Asian Century seeks to prevent Americans from again being surprised by the disruptions that still might come in Asia. news_item/China_Parade_Duff_6.jpg... Read more »
  • Deconstruction Zone: Losing the rational Israeli
    I asked him if the painful concessions he mentioned included recognising that likelihood as part of a land adjustment of the pre-1967 war lines. Rajoub answered by raising his voice and saying absolutely not, all settlements were "a malignant cancer." Whose fault is it that they exist, he demanded to know, adding that it was Israel's problem to solve, not his. news_item/F140212IR012-e1445251760632.jpg... Read more »
  • Behind the News - May 2017
    In the wake of the April 4 chemical weapons attack on the Syrian rebel held town of Khan Sheikhoun, the former head of chemical warfare in the 5th Division of the Syrian army, Brigadier-General Zaher al-Sakat, who in 2013 defected from the regime, has stated that the regime has large amounts of chemical weapons which remain undeclared. news_item/131001203345-exp-syrian-general-refused-to-use-chemicals-2-00030826-horizontal-gallery.jpg... Read more »