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  • When the ABC uses its "Media Watch" program to attack critics of the ABC
    Two federal MPs. The high profile Turnbull Government backbencher George Christensen from Queensland. The other, federal Labor Victorian MP Michael Danby. Both use their electoral allowances to run ads in local newspapers to attack the ABC for its coverage of completely unrelated topics in the same week. Only one ended up on ABC TV "Media Watch". news_item/spin640_____________________________________________________________________.jpg... Read more »
  • Deconstruction Zone: The Story of a Teenage Terrorist
    A little-reported stabbing incident, coupled with a large dose of Palestinian Authority-generated fake news, has revealed pretty much everything you need to know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. news_item/7978518099074640360no.jpg... Read more »
  • Biblio File: Banlieues and Bombs
    Kepel is particularly knowledgeable about the history and process of radicalisation that takes place in his nation's heavily Muslim banlieues (the depressed housing projects ringing Paris and other major cities), and Terror in France is informed by decades of fieldwork in these volatile locales. news_item/rts6w3i.jpg... Read more »
  • The doomed Palestinian reconciliation plan
    The likeliest explanation for Hamas' sudden shift is the change in its leadership. Earlier this year, the results of the group's secret internal elections were announced as Ismail Haniyeh, a former prime minister in the unity government of 2007, and Yahya Sinwar, a hardline leader of Hamas' military wing, became the number one and number two leaders of the faction. Both represent a shift in Hamas' centre of gravity from the exiled political class abroad... Read more »
  • Australia joins UNHRC: Can Canberra help catalyse badly needed UN reform?
    Australia has achieved a significant international win in being elected to join the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for a three-year term starting in January 2018.  However, Australia may face great challenges in promoting its agenda for human rights at the UNHRC, as the Council has long been marred by politicisation and undermined by the election of members who are serial human rights offenders, and not human rights advocates. news_item/UNHRC.jpeg... Read more »
  • Ha’aretz reveals claims about major settlement expansion are wrong
    Talking about building settlements and actually building them are two different things. It's an important distinction that isn't made often enough. news_item/parsha.jpg... Read more »
  • Trump to "decertify" on Iran nuclear deal
    Last Friday, US President Donald Trump made a speech announcing his Administration's new Iran policy - which includes not only new sanctions on the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, but also, most controversially, a refusal to again certify to the US Congress that the nuclear deal with Iran known as the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA) is in the US national interest and “appropriate and proportionate” to the measures Iran has taken on its nuclear... Read more »
  • Is Iran complying with the JCPOA?
    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared on Sept. 17 that Iran is in "technical compliance" with the 2015 nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This assertion ignores multiple Iranian violations of the letter of the accord. It overlooks the lack of transparency in the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) reporting on Teheran's nuclear conduct. It sidesteps the agency's failure to receive access to military sites where nuclear weaponisation... Read more »