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    THE BOLT REPORT – AJA ANNOUNCED AJA President, Dr David Adler, appeared on The Bolt Report on 7 September to announce the launch of Australian Jewish Association. A link to a video of the interview (about 9 min) is below. AJA has been formed based on conservative political principles and guided by genuine Jewish Torah values. We support free speech, oppose the constraints of political correctness and plan to include a Jewish identity based approach to Israel advocacy... Read more »
  • “Palestine”, What’s in a name? by Allan Ellison
    The use of the name Palestine, was always in reference to the Jews, and Arabs were Arabs, it’s a relatively modern theme that Arabs became Palestinians. Before the creation of Israel, it was actually the Jews who were referred to as Palestinians, not the Arabs. As a matter of fact, Arabs did not accept being called “Palestinians” because they did not want to be associated with Jews or with the British Mandate for Palestine. “The Arabs who... Read more »
  • Israeli ethics in conflict
    It is said that “the first casualty of war is truth” and no more so than if Israel is involved in a conflict. In this 5 min video, Col Richard Kemp explains the approach of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF): Read more »
  • Jewish values and 18C
    As anyone who has closely followed the 18C debate knows, the major secular Jewish communal bodies, particularly the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) and the Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) have lobbied vigorously for the retention of 18C & 18D essentially in their current form. … Read the Spectator article – March 11, 2017... Read more »