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  • ‘Business As Usual’ following the Manchester terrorist attack.
    While the police are collecting body parts of British children spread around the Manchester arena, it is reported that the British public are determined to carry on with “Business as usual.” This Business As Usual, is an admirable attitude that helped the British people survive the Nazi Blitz during WWII. But this is not the Blitz. Because during the Blitz, the British were not afraid to say who their enemy was.  Having identified their enemy, they fought their... Read more »
  • Stars, Stripes and Selfies.
    On Monday afternoon, the President of the United States, Donald Trump touched down in Israel after a visit to Saudi Arabia. The flight from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Tel Aviv, Israel was an historic one given it was the first direct flight between the two countries, which have no official diplomatic relations. Prime Minister Netanyahu, who also praised President Trump for including Israel in his itinerary for his first foreign trip, noted the significance of the flight, declared, “Mr. President,... Read more »
  • Palestinian Arab, Habib, Isolated And Afraid, Yearns For Normalization With Israel
    Leaders have legacies; the rest of us have lives. And normalization with Israel is a death sentence for some. Trump may be making his opening gambit for a Nobel Prize. Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas is making sure his legacy will include bamboozling the Western World with lies about educating kids toward peace while paying salaries to terrorists according to the number of Jews they killed, and growing super-rich on the backs of his own... Read more »
  • President Trump’s Full Speech at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
    Thank you, Prime Minister Netanyahu. I want to thank you and Sara for hosting us for what has been an unforgettable visit to this very special land. credit: I also want to thank Chairman Yitzchak Molcho, Acting Director Ayelet Shiloh-Tamir, and Chief Operating Officer Dalia Lazar, for hosting us today in this incredible museum. And thank you, Ambassador and Mrs. Friedman for joining us, along with a number of very good friends who have come from... Read more »
  • From Israel: Celebrate Yerushalayim!
    Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) comes first! If you can tolerate a painful pun: it trumps news about Trump (who is in Israel as I write).  I will in due course write about the president’s visit – here and in Saudi Arabia, but now I am inspired by Yom Yerushalayim – Jerusalem Day.  It begins at sundown Tuesday and will be celebrated through Wednesday. Credit: Lonely Planet Yom Yerushalayim is an annual celebration marking the reunification of the city.  But this... Read more »
  • UC Berkeley Pits Liberalism Against ‘Islamophobia’
     Fast on the heels of the University of California’s anti-free speech “Battle of Berkeley”—in which hundreds of black-clad, left-wing, “anti-fascists” attacked Trump supporters in the streets—around five hundred students and scholars attended the weekend conference “Islamophobia & The End of Liberalism?” credit: Center for Race & Gender – University of California, Berkeley The conference poster featured a righteously concerned Statue of Liberty embracing a young Muslim woman in a hijab as if to protect her from the xenophobic natives.... Read more »
  • How many times has the Red Cross visited Israeli prisoners in Gaza?
    The international press is still going on about your hunger strike in Israel’s prison system. They are treating your requests as if any other country would honour such demands on the part of murderers they have in THEIR prisons. Tell me, Mr Barghouti – how do your prison conditions compare with those of Gilad Shalit who was abducted and held by Hamas in Gaza for five years? How do they compare with the conditions Hamas offers... Read more »
  • INTO THE FRAY: Why Palestinian Statehood obviates Israeli Victory – Responding to Daniel Pipes
    For fruits of Israeli victory to endure, any post-victory reality must preclude a self-governing Palestinian entity, which would always be subjected to external incitement to fight the Jewish “intruders”  Of all the nations at the UN the Palestinian state would be the only one which has limits imposed on its sovereignty, the only one without an army or air force. It would be the only one in the world that would be classified as second-class... Read more »