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  • Dancing the Cuban dance
    My husband has a black and white poster in his study that features a classic Cuban vintage American car driving through what is seemingly a typical Havana street. He has often mentioned that he wanted to witness that vision before Cuba went through any changes, which seems to be inevitable given the current political climate […]... Read more »
  • Protesting inequality in the Israeli army
    On the 1st of December, 2016, Ofek Buchris, one of Israel’s most decorated military officers and former head of the Golani brigade, signed a plea bargain admitting to “conduct unbecoming an officer” and “wrongful consensual intercourse”. This admission came after half a year of vehemently denying he had any kind of physical relationship with his […]... Read more »
  • The man who searched for the most secular Jew in the world
    My mother used to tell a story about the man who searched for the most Secular Jew in the world. The man was desperate to meet this famous man who was world renowned for his devotion to the life of a Secular Jew. What kind of apikoyrus (apostate) would he find? Surely the man was […]... Read more »
  • Next Year in Melbourne
    As I cooked, I cleaned out my cupboard for Passover, a little cumin at the bottom of the bottle, an old spice mixture I made, it all went into the pot, then I threw the jars away.  I will never clean this cabinet again; I’m selling my house and moving to Australia.  The metal measuring […]... Read more »
  • Freedom of thought: A Passover parable
    Each year at Pesach time, we sit around the table, joyfully retelling the story of the Jewish peoples’ exodus from Egypt. Half mumbling the somewhat difficult Hebrew words, but of course singing the words “dayenu” with all our might, we quickly breeze through the laborious task of reading the Haggadah. However, with our efficient story […]... Read more »
  • Thanks to the women in my life
    Reflecting on International Women’s Day 2017, I realise I am biased in the way I expect women to behave. I expect them to be bold, courageous and stand up for their rights. I am baffled by women who accept harsh treatment from partners and bosses. I owe this view to the remarkable women in my […]... Read more »