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  • Big Thinkers and Change Makers
    I was fortunate to recently spend an inspiring and motivating three days in Noosa at the CBA 2017 Women in Focus Conference. Together with 180 awesome women from all over Australia and New Zealand, I experienced the magic that happens when a diverse group of women, driven to make an impact on the world, come together to challenge their thinking, share ideas and imagine a new future. I am so often in situations and at events... Read more »
  • Are We The Stories We Tell About Ourselves?
    Almost a year ago a wise woman in shule said something to me which changed the way I view myself. To be honest, I’ve never even told her that she had this impact on me. But last sukkot I was sitting in her sukkah and I told a story about how bad I am at sport. I finished the story by saying: “I’m just not a very physical person.” She turned to me and said:... Read more »
  • How I accomplished something I didn’t think was possible
    This is a personal story about how I wrote my first book and a behind the scenes look at my struggle with insecurity, anxiety and stress that was very much a part of this journey. I am a mindfulness coach. I coach individuals and groups how to access their best self using mindfulness techniques. In December 2014 I was on a committee organising and participating in an annual coaching conference. That’s where I met our keynote... Read more »
  • International Collaboration in Jewish Innovation
    One of us is a Jewish professional from New York and the other, a lay leader from Melbourne. We are both Schusterman Fellows and over the course of two intense weeks we forged a connection that highlights the potential of international collaboration in Jewish innovation. To be sure, we are at the beginning of exploring all that we have to learn from one another, but during our initial travels together we were struck by how... Read more »
  • The Hidden Agenda of the Patriarchy
    I’m at a party. I only know the host. I decide to start to chat to a boy there. He’s friendly and we talk for a while. When it’s time for me to leave, I bid goodbye to him and I give my friend and her mother a quick hug and turn to leave, when he pipes up. “Where’s my hug?” This takes me by surprise. He was nice, but I hadn’t known him for more than... Read more »
  • Negel Vasser/Netilat Yadayim
    Six splashes (some say eight) alternating, side to side. The vessel passes from hand to hand: right, left, right.   This banishes the beasts of night.   Lowers the lid on the roiling pot, slides the drawer of destruction and disarray into its proper slot.   How does it happen that the drawer rolls open again by day and your fingers find, without fumbling, the exact implement, now placed and primed for quick retrieval and surgical intervention?   By what alchemy does the raw venison of vengeance transmute into a subtle and savory stew?   Like a whiteboard wiped, leaving tantalizing traces of text around the edges: The wild, chaotic scribbling did not... Read more »