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  • Guided by a very Jewish value
    I met Mr. E at a poetry reading. Hong Kong’s literary scene is small and two Americans reading in one evening was an unusual event. We became Facebook friends, generally “liking” the same local literary events and book launches. I start my mornings by casually and quickly scanning a few of the Facebook updates that randomly show up in my feed, photos of babies dressed like adults, dogs dressed like rabbits and of fancy food arranged... Read more »
  • Why I Love to Dance
    Dancing is my passion, my hobby. Dancing is an integral part of my life. It does more for me than any medicine, treatment or counselling. It was 10 years ago that Rita, my neighbour in Netanya, invited me to go to a Rio Abierto session at the local community centre. My emotional state was low, a precious son had died and the health of my husband, Leon was rapidly deteriorating. “What’s that”? I asked. “Oh I... Read more »
  • Adoption: It Was The Only Option Left
    “I met you on March 23, 1996.” I dropped the card and began to cry. I knew immediately it was from my daughter, April, who I had placed for adoption immediately after she miraculously entered the world. The decisions that led up to placing my daughter for adoption were very difficult. At that point in my life, I had lost my job, my apartment and my boyfriend of four years. I was emotionally distraught. Feeling lost,... Read more »
  • Morning people unite: why aren’t night time activities on earlier in the day?
    I am a morning person. During exam periods at school and uni, I’d begin studying at 6am, break briefly for breakfast and have most of my work completed by midday. My brain became muddled in the afternoon and by evening, I’d need to read something three or four times to understand it. No such problems in the morning. And the silence! The birds tweeting as dawn would break. I was literally up with the birds. As... Read more »
  • Will Your Great Grandchildren Be Jewish?
    I am sorry, grandma. All your great grandchildren have intermarried. When you passed away at age ninety-four, your grandchildren were married to Jews, but their children were too young to get to know you. They didn’t spend every Saturday with you as I did; they didn’t experience the peace and beauty of the Sabbath. Your house was a sanctuary, a place that transported me to a more innocent, spiritual time. Your great grandchildren never experienced that. They... Read more »
  • Because we are Jewish
    We gather around the Shabbat candles. My fourteen-year-old daughter holds T, who’s almost four. I motion for her to take one step back. I’m worried that T is still too close. I light the first candle and T immediately begins to sing “Happy Birthday” in Cantonese as she tries desperately to blow out the candles between breaths. Instinctively, my fourteen-year-old takes a few more steps backwards. T struggles. She is determined to blow out the candles. I point... Read more »