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  • It’s time for the forgotten women of Australia to rise
    They rush to drop children at childcare at 7:30am, then ignore their baby’s tears as they speed away to find a carparking spot at the station, so they’ll be at their desk on time. Then they do it all again later on, in reverse, and with an elevated level of stress, to make it before […]... Read more »
  • Making a Difference
    His afternoon bus approaches…. I can see him through the window; he’s rocking backwards and forwards… he’s biting his left hand angrily… something is upsetting his balance. I slide open the door of the mini bus and he’s looking at me, talking with his eyes. I undo his seat belt and he’s angry … I […]... Read more »
  • Red Light District
    I say the joke ‘my mother is onto her 3rd marriage – to a pig farmer, which is awkward because we’re Jewish.’ It normally gets a laugh, in that room in Amsterdam it doesn’t.... Read more »
  • From the Office to the Outback – Desert Change
    If you would have told me a month ago, I’d be moving to the Outback to live and work, I never would have believed you. But here I am, booking a one-way ticket to Alice Springs, packing up my corporate life and preparing to go bush. While I reserve my accommodation, a local hostel in Alice […]... Read more »
  • Matriculation
    I learn you again, after long separation. Time, space — matrices that germinate knowing. My loss becomes gain after patient gestation.   Home study – is it work, or vacation? Unwanted confinement, or respite from going? You reclaim me after long separation .   Since your bar mitzvah I’ve been a way-station, A hot meal bolted, a quick […]... Read more »
  • Why can’t it be the little ‘c’ instead?
    My shock diagnosis of bowel cancer got me thinking about the language around cancer. It really annoyed me. It is all-pervasive — ‘she has cancer’, ‘he has cancer’, as opposed to being contained and specific, for example, she has a cancer in her breast, he has a cancer in his prostate. Saying a person has […]... Read more »