Why Australian boards need to travel to California and Israel

More boards of major Australian companies should visit innovation hotspots like Silicon Valley and Israel to give all directors an understanding of the need to engage with digital technology, says Capgemini Consulting global practice leader Dr Didier Bonnet.

Dr Bonnet, who recently spent nearly two weeks in Australia consulting with several companies, said Commonwealth Bank of Australia was among those doing a good job with using technology to improve the customer experience.

CBA and Telstra are among the companies that have sent executives to Israel to learn from its success in the global technology sector. ANZ Banking Group’s board and Air New Zealand’s senior executive team have made the pilgrimage to California’s Silicon Valley.

“Some of the companies I’ve met [in Australia] would benefit from travelling out to California and Israel and looking at the technology,” Dr Bonnet said. “It is a global game. You can see people who are two steps ahead.”

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