Violent Gangs Are Taking Over Melbourne

In the past few months we’ve seen the rise of gangs, such as the infamous ‘Apex’ group, unleashing violence in our city.

These gangs are assaulting and robbing innocent people in their own homes and on Victorian streets.

The problem is not Victorian Police, it’s the lack of resources at their disposal.

State MP David Southwick has been campaigning the current Victorian Government to fund more resources and frontline police to tackle the increase in crime.

Crime in Victoria has increased 8.3% in the last year, with certain areas exposed to much higher rates including the city of Glen Eira which has seen a shocking rise of 21.36%.

IDF Training are demanding the government fund much needed resources to allow the police to do their job and make our streets safe again.

Recently in Melbourne, a father-of-three was attacked with a baseball bat & a hockey stick by suspected Apex Gang members on a busy suburban street. When the victim notified police of the location of his laptop that had been stolen, and the thieves who stole it, using a GPS-tracking app, the police said they do not have the resources to follow up.

You are asked to sign and share the petition:…

David Southwick MP will submit this important petition to the Legislative Assembly of Victoria.