Palestinians Christians are apparently pacifists

This is how Rev. Tiffany Sparks, Anglican Priest and representative for A Progressive Christian Voice, expressed herself on Q&A April 25th:

TIFFANY SPARKS: There’s a real problem with us understanding each other’s faith. I don’t know, there’s some sort of stumbling block. Maybe it’s because we want to be right. That’s probably it. I think in regards to just war, for me personally there’s – I mean I’m fairly – I’m a pacifist, that is my stance. I’m a really proud daughter of a returned serviceman that did three tours of Vietnam and I think my father’s a pretty amazing person. So I have a great respect for our military and for people who do have the courage to be able to do those sort of things, that I certainly couldn’t do. I mean all of that being said, I think it’s probably an interesting thing to raise is that most Palestinian Christians are actually pacifists in this whole thing. We had a wonderful presenter, Reverend Dr Greg Jenks, who is now the dean of St George College over in Jerusalem and that was something that he took great pains to really point out, that that’s where the birthplace of Christianity was and they, even in all of this, are still pacifists.

JULIA BAIRD (chairperson): Okay, you’re watching a special edition of Q&A on the relationship between the Church and politics.

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Then there were these tweets:

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