Jew Revue 2016: A show you’d be mad to miss

One of the most traditionally beloved revues of the season, Jew Revue 2016 delivered laughs galore on its opening night. The show was a delightful celebration of Jewish culture and embodied the flourishing performing arts scene at USyd. Directed by former directors of Arts and Science Revue, Victoria Zerbst and Adam Chalmers, the eclectic cast exuded joy, and sold every fresh and wacky moment.

Mad Max Brenner: Jewry Road drew its jewspiration from material ranging from biblical times to modern day hollywood celebs. Though its Jewish references created the underlying fabric, many of the show’s strongest moments were just plain quirky. In a crowd favourite sketch, Emma Balfour’s acting chops were on full display in her dramatic retelling of swallowing every animal under the sun.

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