Jewish mothers embark on trip of a lifetime

A GROUP of 24 Sydney Jewish mothers joined more than 600 women from around the world on a 10-day trip to Israel last month.

The aim of the Orah trip is to “excite Jewish women about their Judaism and about being a friend of Israel in the hope that they will bring that excitement back to their families and communities”, explained group leader Ariane Schneider.

“My opinion is that every woman can get something from this trip.”

She estimated that more than 90 per cent of the participants made small but significant changes to their Jewish home life after this trip.

“Some now make challot with their daughters every week. Others made a commitment to light the Shabbat candles on time. We just want women to be able to live Judaism actively.” The women also make a one-year commitment to continue their Jewish studies once they return to Sydney.

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