‘Chained’ women in the spotlight

THE plight of Jewish women who are refused a religious divorce by their husbands will be highlighted in Set Me Free, an ABC-TV documentary airing this Sunday (July 10) at 6.30pm.

Part of a Compass series titled Divorce According To God, which looks at divorce issues in a number of faith traditions, the episode on Jewish wives examines how they are left in limbo because they cannot remarry without a gett (religious bill of divorce).

Producer Tracey Spring focused on two Jewish women. Viewers will meet 93-year-old Doreen Beckwith, Australia’s oldest agunah, whose husband Victor mysteriously disappeared 63 years ago, leaving her deserted in a remote Queensland town with a toddler and a newborn baby. Is he alive or dead? She needs proof he is alive to secure her gett.

Read the story by Peter Kohn in the Australian Jewish News.