Muslim who decried Hanson’s anti-Islam views on Q & A had reference to “Jews” as “pigs” on Facebook

On the ABC’s Q&A program on July 18, Khaled Elomar was invited to pose a question to one of the panellists, Pauline Hanson of the far Right One Nation party. Hanson was elected to the Senate at the recent Federal election. 


Khaled Elomar               ABC-TV  Q&A

Elomar complained about her anti-Islam statements and policies, telling the audience that he has been called “a Muslim pig” ever since Hanson re-entered politics and spoke publicly against Islam. His words were applauded by the audience and this was watched by about 1 million viewers of the program.

Elomar, as it turns out, is on record on his Facebook page of doing precisely what he accused was being done to him – referring to people as “pigs” on account of their religion.

In November 2014, a comment was posted on Elomar’s Facebook page in Arabic referring to “Jews” as “pigs”.

Read the article by Julie Nathan on J-Wire.

Julie Nathan is the Research Officer for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry