Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby jeered in Rio after refusing to shake hands with his Israeli opponent

EGYPTIAN judoka Islam El Shehaby was jeered out of the Olympic arena in Rio on Friday after refusing to shake hands with his Israeli opponent.

El Shehaby was beaten by Or Sasson in their heavyweight first round encounter but at the end of the bout, he refused to either bow to the Israeli or shake his hand.

In judo it is customary to both bow to opponents — a sign of respect in Japan — and shake hands after a bout is over.

El Shehaby had been well beaten but stood impassively as Sasson tried to shake his hand.

As he left the mat area, El Shehaby was called back to the centre by the referee to bow.

But he was then loudly jeered out of the arena by angry supporters. International Judo Federation spokesman Nicolas Messner said fighters were not obliged to shake hands after a bout.

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