Student volunteers go to the Middle East for insight on peace

AUSTRALIAN students will see an example of peaceful coexistence in the Middle East when they visit a school in Jerusalem where Israeli and Palestinian students are learning side by side.

Sixteen high school students have been selected to take part in a UN Youth educational tour to Israel and Jordan in January, focusing on conflict and the peace process.

“We will be helping to teach English at a school where Israeli and Palestinian kids are in the same classroom,” said Zoe Stawyskyj, 20, of Northbridge, a Sydney University science student who is one of the delegation leaders.

“We will be showing students how people are making these connections and overcoming conflict. They are making progress.”

The group will meet with Australian ambassadors, local politicians, diplomats, UN bodies and NGOs to learn the challenges, strategies and successes of the Middle East peace process.

Read the article by Doug Conway in the Daily Telegraph.