Israel the world’s guiding light in the battle against terrorism

CUE WILD applause. Last week in New York, at the United Nations, a certain recently re-elected Prime Minister gave the speech of his life, and in doing so transformed himself from everyday politician to global statesman.

His speech was full of optimism, as he spoke of his “innovation” agenda, of his belief that freedom will always overcome fear and that hope will always overcome hatred.

He boasted that these are exciting times and that he is proud to be Prime Minister of one of the most tolerant, multicultural, diverse nations on the planet. In front of the assembled delegates of the UN, where the world’s worst despots regularly congregate, the PM proudly pointed out that in his country gays hang out in bars and coffee shops, rather than swinging by the neck from cranes or being flung off rooftops.

Read the article by Rowan Dean in the Courier Mail and Daily Telegraph.