Alex Ryvchin

A haunting homecoming

Three decades after leaving Kiev as a child, Alex Ryvchin returned to the town last month to mark the 75th anniversary of the Babi Yar massacre, in which 33,771 Jews were killed.

THERE is something about long-haul travel conducted in solitude that infuses the mind with a strange kind of focus. As I returned to Kiev for the first time, having left that place as a boy of three, and now a man of 33, my mind returned again and again in abstract and discordant ways to family.

Over the years, whenever my thoughts have turned to Kiev, I could visualise nothing more than a grey blur, like a ragged woollen jumper. The only image that retains any clarity is one my mind has created – my family, the family with which I left Kiev, forever preserved in our ages at the time of our departure, standing stoically in our winter clothes.

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