feeding kangaroos

Israelis enjoy Oz-inspired Succot

Some 12,000 Israelis made daytrips to Australia during the Succot holiday … kind of.

Kangaroo food was flying out of the vending machine at one shekel per handful, and the kangaroos couldn’t believe their luck: they had never had so many visitors, keen to indulge them in the spirit of Succot joy.

This little piece of Australia, transplanted to Israel, was one of the country’s most popular attractions as the nation took to the roads in search of fun daytrips this holiday season. From the moment the gates opened in the mornings at Gan Garoo until visitors filed under the exit with its Israeli and Australian flags at five o’clock, the place was heaving.

The all-Australian theme at Gan Garoo, a four-acre park in the Beit Shean Valley owned by a kibbutz, goes beyond the kangaroos and other species that live there. The park has started to go all-out with entertainment, actors and activities during holiday seasons, and the investment is paying off and drawing the crowds.

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