The Ashalim Tower

Frydenberg to visit world’s tallest solar tower

Federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg is to visit what will be the world’s tallest solar tower in Israel next week as part of a government-led Austrade delegation to renewable energy and smart grid facilities in the Middle East country.

The centrepiece of the visit next week is to the 120MW Ashalim solar tower complex being built in the Negev desert, part of a 300MW facility combining two solar tower complexes (one with storage), and a large solar PV array.

The Ashalim tower, being built by GE, using Brightsource technology, will feature a 250 metre high tower – the largest in the world, and bigger than the 200m height of the Crescent Dunes facility in Nevada, the largest solar tower and storage project to  be built to date.

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