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Jewish lobby wants multiculturalism everywhere except Israel

Well, the big guns are lining up to take a shot at our hideous Constitution. This awful document has been protecting the rights of all Australians since Federation. In fact, it has done a better job of protecting us than almost any other Constitution ever written.

Clearly it needs to be tampered with and who better to do the tampering than a bunch of tree hugging propeller heads who probably couldn’t even spell the word “Constitution”.

The biggest “gun” of all is the Indigenous Referendum Council Chair, Mark Leibler. Mr Leibler now believes that he can bypass One Nation to push this legislation through the Senate.

All the other parties and independents are apparently itching to chuck our Constitution under a bus. One Nation is still clinging to the outdated notion of “equality” and “rights”

This quaint idea of rights is just so “last century.” It should have been completely eradicated and replaced with the far superior concept of “human rights.”

The wonderful thing about these “human rights” is that they don’t apply to traditional Australians. That is why it is imperative that we shred the Constitution and update it to reflect the new 21st Century paradigm.

Mr Leibler has astutely identified that Aboriginal people have been “completely wiped from the constitution.” It is fortunate we have lawyers of Mr Leibler’s calibre to interpret this document.

Otherwise, laymen like me might think that the Constitution gives Aborigines exactly the same rights and protections as everyone else, regardless of their skin colour or genetic heritage.

The upcoming referendum will seek to upgrade these “rights” to shiny new “human rights”

Once these new “human rights” are enshrined in our new “you beaut” Constitution, lawyers like Mr Liebler will be able to negotiate treaties and compensation for a very reasonable five or six hundred bucks an hour.

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