Julie Bishop

Human rights fight as Bishop battles for seat on UN Council dominated by Israel-haters

Julie Bishop has been wooing UN partners this week The Australian online, Saturday:

Ms Bishop is in New York … in a bid to advance Australia’s push for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council for two years from 2018.

A media statement from Amnesty Australia, last Thursday:

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has this week launched Australia’s bid for a Human Rights Council seat at the United Nations. But, back at home, the Government continues its inherently abusive offshore detention regime, and oversees astronomical rates of indigenous incarceration.

Come on, we’re not the worst Human Rights Council candidate ever … UN Watch website, July 8, 2012:

According to a U.S.-sponsored and EU-backed draft resolution that was debated today during informal meetings at the council in Geneva, the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad is a declared candidate for a seat on the 47-nation U.N. body, in elections to be held next year at the 193-member General Assembly.

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