poster for labor policy forum on palestine with photos of albanese carr and burke

Despotic Palestine regime has Labor’s Carr, Albanese and Burke fooled

IMAGINE you sit the kids down in front of the telly while you prepare dinner.

Their favourite TV show begins on the public broadcaster. It features one of those big, cuddly characters that children adore, such as Humphrey B. Bear or Dorothy the Dinosaur.

This one is a cute yellow and black bumble bee with gorgeous big eyes and a friendly smile, called Nahul.

While you’re busy peeling the spuds and chopping the veggies, Nahul and the pretty girl who hosts the show entertain your children. You can hear the laughter and the squeals of delight coming from the next room.

But guess what? Nahul the Bumble Bee is encouraging your children to shoot and kill people. He wants your kids to murder the families that live down the road.

“Kill all of them!” Nahul squeals excitedly.

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