still from the movie Ali's wedding. aerial shot looking down at group of people

The Arab Film Festival Returns to Sydney

Politics, identity and love in a world plagued by turmoil.
The Arab Film Festival Australia (AFFA) returns this August for its 14th year, sharing cultural insight and stories of the Arab world through an impressive program of six features and five short films.

The AFFA program is an important platform for filmmakers of Arabic heritage to share often unheard stories about the experiences of Arab people today. With a focus on generational prejudice towards women and how they overcome such problems, AFFA provides audiences with an opportunity to understand the complexities of struggle within a range of Arabic societies. There is also a film set in Melbourne that surrounds the issues of arranged marriages.

“The Arab Film Festival strives to bring powerful and contemporary Arab stories to diverse Australian audiences. The films come from the Arab world and the diaspora,” says festival co-director Mouna Zaylah.

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