BDS disinformation

Jake Lynch’s letter (21/7) on Sydney University’s conference on boycott, divestment and sanctions is, at the least, disingenuous. It is nothing more than an excuse for Israel bashing and closet anti-semitism.

He ignores the fact that 50 years ago Israel was pushed into conflict to protect its right to exist. The occupied territories are a buffer zone that helps to protect Israel’s borders. Israel offers Jews and Arabs alike healthcare, education and freedom of religion.

The most significant disinformation is the idea that Palestinians want a peaceful two-state solution. Backed by such countries as Qatar and Iran, the Palestinian organisations such as Hamas want a single-state solution. Their aim is the destruction of Israel.

This is why no solution to the Palestinian situation has been possible. The conference will be no more than a hate-fest against Israel and Jews and no weasel words can change that fact.

Simon Marston, Eltham, Vic – The Australian (22/7/17 )