the accommodation with pool in front

A private tub at the end of the earth

We’ve only been in Israel’s Arava desert for two hours and already we feel as though we’ve performed a great disappearing act. Immersed in a cool freshwater tub outside our small adobe cabin, surrounded by vast areas of empty yellow land that so starkly contrast the buzzing streets of Tel Aviv from where we’ve just come, we can neither see nor hear evidence of any other living being.

And yet, like many things out here in the nothingness, this is merely an illusion. Hop out of this tub, walk a few metres, and you’ll spy a smattering of other mud-brick cabins. This is the beauty of Midbara: a collection of 12 cabins set on only 2?? acres, but that backs directly onto the Ashush nature reserve, leaving guests feeling as though they’ve reached the end of the earth.


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