Christian Middle East Radio Making Waves

“Imagine hearing for the first time about love and forgiveness and hope and eternal life, and contrast that with blood revenge and hatred and superstitions and all of that.” Reverend John D Tayloe.

The Israeli government has granted its first Christian radio licence to Strategic Communications Group led by its president, John Tayloe.

‘Radio crosses borders’

But Voice of Hope – 1287 AM is not your average sized metro regional radio transmitter.

1287 AM is driven by a powerful 50 thousand-watts. The booming signal enables the evangelical station to reach five countries surrounding Israel including Israel.

“It was built with international purpose so we’re reaching five nations, going deep into Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus and Israel with the Gospel of Jesus.”

And as far as Voice of Hope’s content is concerned, one topic is a definite NO NO.

“We don’t do any politics on this radio station,” John stressed. “We lift up and talk about Jesus.”


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