Israel a pariah state in global popularity stakes

With regard to Zionism’s collaboration with anti-Semitic regimes, Lenni Brenner documents how the forerunner of Netanyahu’s Likud party wanted a ‘Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, bound by a treaty with the German Reich’ and offered to ‘actively take part in the war on Germany’s side’ (Zionism in the Age of the Dictators).

Sasha Polakow-Suransky says that in the 1970s a ‘small – albeit powerful and influential – minority of leading right-wing generals and politicians’, including Ariel Sharon, developed an affinity with the South African apartheid regime even to the extent of inviting in 1976, the then-South African Prime Minister and later State President B. J. Vorster,  a man detained during the Second World War for pro-Nazi activities, to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem.

Israel collaborated with South Africa in nuclear weapons technology and sold it weapons despite the boycott. (The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa).

According to Ilan Pappe’s The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine did not end in 1948 but continues through its imposition of 50 discriminatory laws which treat Palestinians as second class citizens and subjects them to home confiscations and demolitions, imprisonment under military law including children as young as 13, extra-judicial executions, shoot-to-kill curfews, torture, maiming, night-time raids and settler violence.

​Gareth W R Smith, Palestine Liberation Centre, Byron Bay in Echo NetDaily.