Former Melbourne school teacher who fled Australia to avoid child sex charges is remanded in custody in Israel

A FORMER Melbourne school principal who fled to Israel to avoid child sexual abuse allegations has been led from court in handcuffs after being remanded in custody.

And her lawyer attacked the extradition process and Australian judicial system, saying Australia was “only interested in kangaroos and koala bears’.’

The woman, in her 50s, shook visibly and clawed at her face and head as a judge ruled she would be detained in a secure mental health facility for further psychiatrist assessment.

She fled Australia in 2008 after 74 allegations were levelled against her of child sexual abuse and rape. She cannot be named in Israel and online.

It is alleged she abused female students at a school in Melbourne. She was principal at the time of the alleged incidents.

Read the article bu Ellen Whinnett in the Herald Sun.